Toner cartridges and ink cartridges - Peco Germany GmbH supplies customers worldwide with printer equipment and office communication products. Continuous import and own warehousing enable us to offer more than 10.000 products on request to our costumers.

Printing Equipment

Recycled printer cartridges

By recycling empty printer cartridges come back to the circulation of utilisation. We clear those cartouches and prepare them for refilling. The markets for old printer cartridges are stronger developed in countries beyond Germany and offer our buying agents good purchase possibilities. This raw material is been treated by us devotedly, cleaned and prepared for refilling by our machinery.

The renewed filling occurs by professional machinery under vacuum with our premium ink. We are informed about the ink manufacturers for certain demands. Also this is an essential knowledge by which we work together worldwide with a huge number of cooperation partners.

Compatible ink and toner cartridges

These alternative printer cartridges and toners are nearly identical to those of the original manufacturers. However they are produced anew and also with the aim to guarantee good printing results. Original cartridges are often not filled 100%. Our alternative cartridges are filled 100% and therefore lead to higher savings and longer printing pleasure.

The advantage is that the considerably more favorable price and the bigger filling allows longer printing with lower costs.

Our service

With pleasure we process the printer cartridges or toners to your individual wishes.
Your own etiquettes, packaging or other special wishes, we submit you an individual offer.
Please appeal to our team.